Daniel Digby started VADATEK in his basement in Richmond, VA in early 2016.  As a kid in the 90's, Daniel spent every day wakeboarding in South Georgia.  In 2001, he started kiteboarding.  It was his first session way back then that the idea for a step in boot and binding system was born.  Daniel's career in sales took him farther and farther away from the water for the next 15 years.  When he decided it was time to get back into both sports full speed, he went to buy new gear and was pretty shocked to find that boots and bindings really hadn't changed much.  So, he bought what was available but started tinkering with his bindings to see if he could figure out how to make them step in.  After a bunch of trips to Home Depot, he had converted his bindings into a step in system that he used both kiteboarding and wakeboarding.  People started to ask him to make them a pair and it was obvious he wasn't the only one looking for a step in system.  The only way to safely make these boots and bindings for others was to commercialize the whole process. So, patents were filed, designers and engineers joined the team, and VADATEK was born. 

VADATEK literally started from scratch, designing and building everything.  So he could test everything constantly, Daniel quit his job and moved his family to North Carolina's Outer Banks.  The SYNTAX boot and binding set up is the first chapter in VADATEK's quest to change boots and bindings for the watersports world.  

Thank you for your support!  Teamwork makes the dream work!

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